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Week 14: Fermented

This week in the pack we expect to have tomatoes; spinach; fennel; chard; peppers; eggplants; melons; beans or small salad mix; small parsley; zucchini or cucumber; and hopefully peaches. **On Monday we begin a new quarter, so for those of … Continue reading

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Week 6: Mr Solutionhead

This week in the pack we expect to have salad mix, garlic scapes, 2 carrots, romaine lettuce, new beet greens, strawberries, dill, and possibly one of kale, swiss chard, or dandelion greens. We will be continuing our regular distributions this week … Continue reading

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Week 26: Dare to believe

In the pack this week we expect to have fruit, squash, onions, hot peppers, salad mix, celery, leeks, two kinds of radish, a bag of root vegetables, tomatillos, potatoes, spinach, and herbs.  The large packs will have an extra bag … Continue reading

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Week 25: Fermentation

This week in the pack we expect to have Ambrosia apples; squash; garlic; salad mix; cabbage; leeks; daikon radish; potatoes; kale; a bag of root vegetables; herbs; and eggs. Leeks, cabbage, daikon…hmm, what to do…?  Here are some ideas from … Continue reading

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Week 22: Bruce

This week in the pack we expect to have apples; carrots; broccoli or cauliflower; tomatoes; chard or kale; bok choi; onions; potatoes; eggplant; peppers; ginger; herbs; and eggs. This week on the farm, a bull calf was born, and he … Continue reading

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Week 17: Window of Opportunity

This week in the Produce Pack we expect to have pears; melons; ginger root; cucumbers; cabbage; tomatoes; hot peppers; sweet peppers; onions; summer turnips; tomatillos; beets, kale, chard, or beans; herbs; and eggs.  Recipes are at the end of this … Continue reading

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Week 12: Fairy Tale

This week in the pack we plan to have blueberries; salad mix; carrots; fairytale eggplant or cucumber; potatoes; tomatoes; beans; zucchini; herbs; and chinese cabbage, turnip, or beets.  (Don’t worry, we will put some kale in the swap box!) We … Continue reading

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