Spring Arrives Early

The farm is a bustle of activity.  David, who is bold, started tilling and planting.  It is a risk to start so early, but he was willing to take that risk in order to get some early crops in.

David loves the Jang seeder

He taught Bruce how to operate the tiller, and of course, Bruce picked it up right away.

The kale we planted with the help of Katimavik volunteers Matthieu and Maxime last summer is greening up, thanks to the hoop house we put over it this month.  David seeded arugula beside it.

The hazelnut catkins got ready for some action.  I fear for the hazelnuts coming out of dormancy too early.

Hens have been out grazing and scratching pretty well all winter (except for a couple of weeks in Feb).  But now they are happily into the clover.

I’ve got a sweet potato family started, and the first roots have formed.

But I am still wearing my Who Suit because I am always cold.

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