A few of our favourite things

Compost is definitely one of my favourite things.  Dark, rich, chocolate cake kind of compost.  It is so satisfying to use in the garden and it smells so good.

Phil and Bruce put up a two rows of fence posts today.  They used the tractor to bang them into the ground, which was nice and soft from the recent rain.  The posts are hemlock, which is quite rot-resistant, and black spruce.  Bruce peeled them all by hand.  They look and smell fantastic, but we’re excited about getting the fence up around the vegetable area, and completing the pasture area.  Vegetables on one side, dry dairy cows and young stock on the other.  That’s the plan, anyway.  We struggled a lot with the fencing choice, because we want to restrict chickens, sheep, and cattle.  In the end we settled on (of all things) black plastic deer fence with one strand of electric wire on the cattle side.  It was less expensive and more effective than page wire or chicken wire.  And, in my opinion, very aesthetically pleasing.

Finally, here is a little character who is usually not on my list of favourite things.  But I ran into him (her?) on my walk after supper in that lovely slanted sun at the end of the day, that makes God’s whole creation very appealing.  Even little creatures that chew our crops.  Unfortunately, I don’t think our new fence will keep them out.

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