Week 11 and other farm news

There is so much produce this week that you will all have lots of choices.  Here’s a hint: stock up on cukes because you may not see them for a while. Other things that might find their way into your shopping bags are: beets, fennel, beans, eggplant, red cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, escarole, green onion or onion or leeks, cucumbers (these might be the last cukes for a while), melons, tomatoes, salad mix, peppers, spinach, garlic, and hot peppers.  We’ll have dill, cilantro, basil, oregano, and thyme as well.

Escarole is a lettuce-like vegetable that we sell to Pete’s Frootique because they have Italian customers who enjoy it.  It is wonderful sautéed with bacon, soy sauce, and/or tomatoes.

Talking about tomatoes, we’ve been hearing that many growers lost their field tomato crop due to blight.  We still have tomatoes but we’re not sure how long they are going to last.  I’m recommending people pick up extra and throw them in the freezer, or do some canning.  While they last.  You will have all the salsa ingredients in your pack this week: cilantro, peppers, hot peppers, onions, garlic, and tomatoes.

We’ve had some challenges lately with powdery mildew in the hoop houses.  We should have ventilated them more and will make sure to take that lesson into next year.

On the positive side, have I mentioned how happy we are with our two farm hands?  Bruce and Dylan are wonderful.  In many different ways.  They feel like family and we are all growing together in spirit.  Both Dylan and Bruce have put on close to 20 lbs, I suspect in muscle, and they are both radiantly healthy.  Dylan has taken on many meal preparation duties (giving David a break in that department) while Bruce is giving Jen a break with the dishes.  They have both learned many of the skills needed on a farm and can be trusted to do all kinds of jobs on their own.  They have both really contributed heart and soul to this farm and to our lives.  Thanks guys!  Below is a photo of the wash shed on the morning after produce distribution, where everything was pressure washed and put away.  What a fantastic feeling!

Here is the wash shed counter with harvest list waiting under the scale.

Our first broccoli crop was not successful, but our second one is coming on now.

The salad mix looks lovely in the early morning light.

Hot peppers at the yellow stage.  They will soon turn red.  These ones are really hot.

Here is a group of ladies who watch our every move in the garden.

Have you tried the orange blossom tomatoes?  Not much to look at, but lovely taste and colour.

This, apparently is a tomato hornworm.  I found him on the path from the house to the garden.  We battle formidable-looking foes (without even knowing it).

Peppers!  These are sweet.  We thought they were Hungarian Hot Wax, but it turns out they were a very expensive variety of sweet pepper called Carmen.  We hope you enjoy them.

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