Week 12 and other farm news

This week, on Saturday, from 2pm on, is Open Farm Saturday.  Everyone is welcome!  For directions, see the Open Farm Day tab.

We will continue to pick blueberries for the large shares, and make them available as an extra for the regular shares.  We’re not sure yet which yummy fruit will be available besides blueberries, but it will be juicy, delicious, and roundish.

New this week: celery!  Our celery is different from what is available in the store.  It is greener and has more flavour.  The arugula is looking very good out in the field.  Large bags of basil will be available.  Along with tomatoes.  Parsley.  Dill.  Carrots.  Potatoes.  Onions.  Oregano, cilantro, fennel, and thyme will be in the swap box along with kale, beans, and other goodies.  Be sure to dig and see what’s in there.  Below you will see two happy customers who were doing some very serious swap box strategizing.

Here are some photos from this week.  See you soon!

jen, dave, bruce, and dylan


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