Week 13 and farm news

What’s in the pack this week?  Salad mix, carrots, tomatoes, beets, kale, leeks, potatoes, onions, garlic, fennel.  We will also have fruit, and herbs (dill, green onion, parsley, thyme, and basil).

If you’re feeling short of thyme, we’ve got some for you this week.  It is wonderful in a tea, because it is anti-viral and will help clear any respiratory congestion.  It is good to have on hand to throw in a bowl with boiling water.  Breathe in the steam, and put a towel over your head to catch the volatile oils.  Or use it in Greek-style cooking and add to your salad dressings.

I am fascinated with the plants in our hoop houses that got hit with fungal disease.  Some of the tomatoes and cucumber plants turned brown and looked dead.  But recently, I’ve noticed the plant ends recovering and growing again.  Whole branches are growing well and producing again.  I find that so encouraging.

What an interesting week on the farm!  We’ve had so much rain, and we’re really hoping the spinach Bruce just planted will not get washed out.  Bruce has quickly picked up the seeding skills.  Dylan has been a canning hero!  He continues to have a lot of stamina in the kitchen.  Both Bruce and Dylan have been taking on many new jobs, leaving David and I some time to focus on the farm’s future, and soil improvement.

Open Farm Day was very fun!  Thanks to all who made it.  Philip and Mei taught us how to cook with sweet potato tips, Malaysian-style (Sambal kang kong).  They opened our eyes and tastebuds to some amazing flavours.  I found I like the sweet potato leaves even more than spinach (which I like a lot).  We’ll bring some in for people to try.  Also, we’ll bring some tomatillos for those who want to make salsa verde.  
At first I was skeptical about salsa verde.  I decided I didn’t like it.  Then a friend gave us a jar and we opened up a new taste sensation.  We use it liberally through the winter to accompany all kinds of dishes.  I’ve included the recipe in the next post.

See you soon!  J, D, B, and D

Below is a scene that no farmer wants to arrive home to: cows in the garden.


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