Week 14 and other farm news

As the season progresses, it feels like it gets more beautiful.  Intense sunrises and sunsets, more migratory birds, and soon the leaves will start their art show.  The air seems fresher and the morning mist rises from the river more frequently.

In the pack this week we have carrots, leeks, onions, potatoes, salad mix, garlic, tomatoes, and delicata squash!

We’d love it if you all could give us some anonymous feedback on the produce pack as we start to plan and plant for next year.  We’ll bring a form to fill out or you can use the on-line form.  Thanks so much!  See you all soon.


Dylan was very pleased to be able to use the cutter bar.  He’s also learning to drive.  Better here than downtown Montreal!

One thing that makes me so happy is cover crops.  Below are the oats planted a week ago.  They will be covering a large portion of the middle field.  Today we are also planting rye and oilseed radish.  If the fields go into the winter with a protective cover crop, we get much less erosion while building up organic matter that makes the soil more spongy.  Yes!  The cutter bar above is used to keep cover crops and green manures cut, for weed control.

Sackville produce pack

We had no idea tomatillos would be so popular!  We’ll definitely plant more next year.

Coming up!  Delicata squash.  My favourite because it is easy to cut, stores well, and you don’t have to peel it.  The peel is tender enough to just eat with the rest of the squash.

We’ll have thyme this week for folks at Victoria Park

Bruce woke up one morning with a lot of congestion so he did a thyme steam in a bowl with a towel over his head to catch the wonderful volatile oils.  He also cut up a garlic clove into pill-sized pieces and popped the ‘pills’ with thyme tea.  Garlic and thyme — I wouldn’t want to go through a winter without them.

Coming up!  Fresh ginger root

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