Week 17: Last week until spring

Alas, this is the last week this year for the Produce Pack pick-up.  We are already getting ready for next spring when we start up again.  We plan to have a longer season next year, with lots of variety.  We will contact everyone on our list in late winter to give you the details.  This week we will have cards at the pick-up in case you have friends who want to join in the spring.

This week we have a special treat of apple/pear sweet cider from Danny Davison at Fair Acres Farm in Falmouth.  I first met Danny when he applied to be certified organic.  At the inspection visit, I met his parents, who were still on the farm, providing guidance and support.  In the end, he didn’t get certified, but was trying to learn how to grow fruit without any pesticides. It is very challenging and that is why there are not very many organic fruit producers in Nova Scotia.  Danny is using minimum sprays and I think it is good to support his efforts.  I also had a market stall next to Danny in Windsor, and I watched as his little family grew.  His rosy-cheeked children were regulars at the market, along with his lovely wife, who made apple pies for market customers.

This week we will have apples, potatoes, carrots, salad mix, arugula, garlic, kale, parsnips, and ginger root.  Unfortunately, we are still short of eggs.  Last week, the eggs from Porter’s just didn’t measure up so we decided not to get any more.

I will continue to post news from the farm if you miss us and feel like checking out this site.  This fall we will continue to produce salad mix and other greens for wholesale customers.  We moved the hoop houses this week to put them over these crops.

We grew a nice bunch of new hens and roosters.  We’ll keep the hens to lay eggs next year.  I’m not going to say what happens to the roosters…

Best wishes to everyone from Jen, David, Bruce, and Dylan!


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