2012 Feedback

garlictomato“We loved the food so much that we stopped going to restaurants–why eat out when the best food imaginable is in your fridge? Overall, your venture has permanently changed the way we regard food and cooking. We have become total converts to the practice of enjoying what is available locally instead of running to the supermarket constantly for imported stuff.”

Thanks to everyone who filled out the feedback form!!!  We got some helpful suggestions (very very important) and some warm fuzzy comments that made us feel good.  We will remember those on rainy cold harvest days….

To sum up…

the signage could be better.

“More clear bin signs would be better, not that I don’t like talking to you.”

Thanks to Doug Lewis, one of our Sackville customers, we have nifty new signs!  Thanks Doug.  Now we just have to use them.signs

Also, people suggested that we had too many of certain items, like fennel, head lettuce, kale, and dill.

 “I mostly only wanted it [lettuce] during the BLT part of the season.  BLTs are the world’s most perfect sandwich.”

People wanted more flowers, big tomatoes, ginger, peppers, and berries.  We will do our best to make sure you have those items.  juliettesThe swap boxes were also very popular.  The swap boxes work best when there are lots of people picking up their packs (hint hint).sbsunflowers2ppsackSept 3peppers turning redcarrotsackvillewobblerleeksThis was just a little summary of the feedback we got.  The full detailed comments are helping us a lot with our planning.

Stay tuned as we update the website and post new information about the upcoming season.  If you haven’t done so already, feel free to sign up here.

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