Week 19: Harvest Moon

Cover crops are coming up, adding an emerald green glow to the fields again

Cover crops are coming up, adding an emerald green glow to the fields

In the packs this week, we hope to have apples (cortlands); peppers; tomatillos; tomatoes; celery, fennel, or kale; hot peppers; sweet turnips; ginger root; onions; herbs; corn; cabbage, broccoli, or eggplant.  The apples and pears are from Danny Davidson in Falmouth.  They are not organic, but Danny does not use any sprays after blossom time.

Ginger root and tomatillos: We got a mixed reaction to the ginger root and tomatillos.  Some people LOVED them and some didn’t know what to do with them.  Scroll to the end of this post to get recipes and ideas for using tomatillos and ginger root.

One of our hens recently hatched out 3 chicks and they needed names.  Here they are: henwchicks*19

We named them (from left to right) pumpkin, peach, and stripey.  Another customer wanted to name one of them ‘beer can’.  We’ll see which one sticks.

chickensnake19In other chicken adventures, one of the hens caught and killed a snake.  She was very proud of herself.

Did anyone experience the effects of the recent full moon?  It filled the bedroom with intense night light, made the tides rise higher than normal, and caused the harvest to happen.  I guess that’s why it is called the harvest moon.

Most farms have farm trucks.  We have a farm minivan

Most farms have farm trucks. We have a farm minivan

squash19 squash


Ginger root harvest

Ginger root harvest

Here are a few photos from Open Farm Day on Saturday.  We had perfect weather, and lots of folks came out to explore the farm.  frog19annacorn19 crowd19

OFD19See you all soon!

Jen, David, Bruce, Cassie, and Stephanie

2 thoughts on “Week 19: Harvest Moon

  1. Good morning – just read your post about corn. Let me say at the outset, I am always a little disconcerted when creatures pop out unexpectedly. However, I cut the tops off and enjoyed lovely sweet corn for dinner. This kind of talk always makes me realize just how many chemicals are used on the “grocery store produce”. I also wanted to compliment you on the really clean produce we received all summer in our packs. I was expecting to find many more creatures in my greens and have been very pleased at the fresh appealing offerings. Keep up the good work! More potatoes please….

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