Week 23: Optimistic Farmer

A joyful romp in the fall

Calf joy

This week in the produce pack we expect to have pears; salad mix; squash; leeks; carrots; brussels sprouts; sweet peppers; eggplant; potatoes; kale or chard; herbs; and eggs.

My new favourite recipe blog is Nourished Kitchen.  Check out the Baked Butternut Squash Fries!  My other favourite is the mysteriously named Girl’s Guide to Guns and Butter.  Both focus on using and enjoying real food.  Please add your favourite food/recipe blog to the comments section below.

Last week we welcomed Stephanie back to the farm.  She will be taking on light duties during her recovery period.  Cassie and Stephanie are working here for another two weeks.  Thanks to Kimm Kent and Metro Works, along with Service Canada for their work placement on the farm.  It has been a great boost to us.

On Saturday night many of the livestock got out of their enclosures and went for a full moon adventure.  This set the dog barking and the geese honking at 3 am.  The sheep – who are not generally the adventurous types – decided they wanted to go back to the barn.  They marched down the hill and put themselves in their favourite pen.  Too comical!  We are VERY happy they didn’t go an help themselves to the kale and carrots in the front field.  Disaster averted.

See you all soon!

Jen, David, Bruce, Cassie, and Stephanie

Our 3 little friends

Our 3 little friends: Pumpkin, Beercan, and Peach.  We think Peach is a boy

A fennel fan!

A Fleming fennel fan!


The full moon is having an effect on Stephanie too…

onion23cassiechard23purple cabbagechard23

Sign of a busy market gardener: harvest elastics don't come off  during lunch

Sign of a busy market gardener: harvest elastics don’t come off during lunch


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