Week 26: Dare to believe

Thanks Karyn!

Thanks Karyn!

In the pack this week we expect to have fruit, squash, onions, hot peppers, salad mix, celery, leeks, two kinds of radish, a bag of root vegetables, tomatillos, potatoes, spinach, and herbs.  The large packs will have an extra bag of salad mix, an extra bag of carrots, and an extra quart of fruit.

We stored the tomatillos for a month, and find that they have more flavour now.  We’ve been putting them in omelettes along with leeks and loving the effect!


Omelette with leeks and tomatillos

We noticed quite a few people putting kale in the swap box last week so we are not offering kale this week.  (For those who love kale every week we will have lots in the swap box.)  Since next week is our last produce pack week, however, we thought people might be interested in freezing some kale.  So we will offer it next week.  If you want extra, let me know.  I used to blanch kale before freezing, but now I just cut it up and pack it in freezer bags.  Simple and easy and very nice to have all winter!

For those who have spoken for chickens, we will have them for you at your pick up next week.  Everyone who said they wanted chickens will only get one.  Sorry, the supply is very limited.

On the farm this week we were getting ready for winter.  Most of the crops are harvested, and tender crops were covered with hoop houses.  The salad mix is really fabulous at this time of year, and so is the kale. The cattle and sheep are in the barn, all tucked in with straw and leaf bedding, but with access to outdoor pens.

Friday was Cassie and Stephanie’s last day of work here on the farm.  We said our fond farewells and thanked them for contributing so much to the farm team.  It was beautiful to see the friendship and support blossom between them, and by the end of the summer, bear fruit.  Go in this, thy strength!

Cassie wrote a blog post, which I have copied at the end exactly as she wrote it.

See you all soon,

Jen, David, and Bruce

Abundant Acres crew: Jen, David, Cassie, Steph, Bruce

Abundant Acres crew: Jen, David, Cassie, Steph, Bruce

Kimm Kent joins the gals

Kimm Kent joins the gals


Ooops!  Fell in the bin

Ooops! Fell in the bin

stephleeks26 smix26 cass26 hoop houses26 underrowcover gettin ready26

Omelette with leeks and tomatillos

Wet and windy produce pick-up at Victoria Park

Hey yall………………………….This weeks blog comes straight from yours truly, Cassie Wood.

“Cultivation to the mind is as necessary as food to the body”

-Marcus Tullius Cicero

I have been on the farm for roughly 5 months now, and the season is nearly comming to the end and I must say its been an honnor and a privilege to have this oppurtunity. I have and continue to learn more as each day  passes. I learn about soil, how to plant and when properly,animals, weeds (good and bad) ect. It is great to know how your vegetables grow and what time that they should be put in to the ground,  how much you should irrigate, when to harvest, what pests you may encounter and how do deal with them ect. Since being on the farm i feel my spirts rise more and more each day. Working with your hands and the land beneath us to grow beautiful and delicious food is so rewarding especialy to be able to feed more than 100 familys a week, also it is good for our bodys, mind and soul. Eating fresh produce every day has really gotten me spoilt. Knowing where your foods come from and knowing that they are not sprayed with a heap of chemicals is a major bonus, things taste so much better when you gain an understanding of how much work goes into  growing them. Well that is my oppinion any ways.

I love it, I get a free tan, workout and get to eat amazing vegetables on the daily (Dave is an amazing cook). Not to mention working  with very beautiful and fullhearted souls. Further more i get to look at the land and begin to understand it. If you just sit and observe, the land, plants, animals and our surrounds they will speak to us, you just have to be open to listen and see. I believe everything speaks to us, just at times we are oblivious to our surroundings.

We encounter a few challenges and glitches here on the farm such as  cows or sheep escaping or weather or time ect. But with support and determination of the Abuntant acres crew we overcome and acheive greatness. Jen, Dave and bruice have taught me so much they are amazing people as most of you may already know. Gaining understanding of their love of life, land, peope, growing food, and constant learnings inspires me. It makes me want to do great things. I aspire to learn more from them.

Another thing i  found very interesting was the new chickens  and seeing the egg growth. They start off so small then get really large then normal again. I find it very fasinating.

On wedenesdays and fridays i get to do the chores, I love doing them. Egg collecting and washing is a fun job,seeing all the chickens come running towards you is a great feeling and when they think you are a rooster and sit for you just makes me giggle every time. It never gets old. Also feeding and moving the cattle and sheep and seeing them  graze. There is just something so magic about it. Although were not a certifide organic farm  we do practice organic farming and quite honestly makes me extreamly proud. There is alot of hard work involved but every ounce of the hard enduring work is worth it. With every bite i take of the food we grow i taste the goodness, I taste the hard work and  i dont have the same guilty effect as if i were buying the same thing that has been shipped a few thousand miles.

Here is a way to use most of the ingredents of a pack……

Subject to change week to week though but you can also add your own twist to it by adding other diced or shredded things.

Choped vegetable salad    


1-3 lg tomatos ( sm diced)

5-8 cherry tomatos or sungolds (sliced in half or forths)

1 lg red pepper (small diced)

1 onion red or white (sm diced)

4-6 garlic cloves (fine diced)

1 carrot (shredded or juilenned)

1-2 leaves of  kale (chopped)

1 bunch of oragano(diced)

2 tbs of lemon juice

3 tbs olive oil

Mix all ingredients let marinate for at least an hour or serve right away. I like to add minced ginger, parsley, fairy tail eggplant to bulk it up or to add starch and protine  add corn, peas and rice.

So as i sign off, I would like to take this opportunity to thank jen and dave for having let me come and work on there farm, Kim from  moonfire farm for making this possible and starting a change, And for metro works for giving the chance for making this happen Also to the great people who have  been involved in our CSA distriubtion. The W.E.E.D project has been a life changing expierence. A thanks to all  who made it possible.

“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with dispair, we must still dare to dream. and in a world filled with distrust , we must still dare to believe.”

-Michale Jackson 


Cassandra Wood

One thought on “Week 26: Dare to believe

  1. Hi Jens, Your blog is great this week! The blog by Cassie is amazing….what a loving tribute to you, David and Bruce. Your birthday dinner was delicious… so good I ate too much. Thank you for having us. And thank David. It’s lovely to follow you around at your chores, but I fear I’m not much help. By the way, I realized I have still two chickens in the freezer so I don’t need any more. Thanks again for having us on Saturday!! LOVE, Mom PS We expect you for dinner on Thursday.

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