Week 13: Pete

Peter took this photo of a nest in the squash

Peter took this photo of a nest in the squash

This week in the pack we expect to have tomatoes; potatoes; carrots; kale; peppers; cucumber or zucchini; basil; onions; mustard mix; and Huntley’s unsprayed blueberries.

We are also offering pesto packs for those who are interested in making pesto.  This includes a large bag of basil along with garlic.  They are $10 each.  If you want one, please email Jen (jenredfox@gmail.com).  I will post a pesto recipe on the Recipe Page.

This week on the farm we said goodbye to Peter Gale, who has been helping us for the last several weeks.  Marshall started calling him ‘Pete’ when they worked together.  Peter would give Marshall ‘cool teen tips’.  We already miss Peter and hope he comes back to visit.

The guys lined up on his last day to say goodbye.  He asked me to take a photo that made him look taller than all the other guys:


This is the time of year when we have to prepare ground for next year.  David has been plowing hay and pasture ground so we have another acre to put into cover crops.


We were really happy when it rained Thursday night and Friday morning.  The ground was very thirsty!

Here are some more photos from the week:


Todd Huntley and Bruce, with Todd’s blueberries


The BCS in the machinery hospital Thursday morning.

eggplant13 echinacea13 honey13 grcherries13

Peter got a chocolate zucchini cake from Marshall with 'Pete' spelled on top

Peter got a chocolate zucchini cake from Marshall with ‘Pete’ spelled on top

Check out Marshall's glasses!

Check out Marshall’s glasses!


Ailis, Jeff, and Charlene volunteered their time on Saturday to helping out on the farm (and in the office). Thanks so much!!


George and Isabelle were also on the farm on Saturday. They are regular helpers and their persistence in getting jobs done is so fantastic! Thanks again!!


David and Nadege made a beautiful lunch for all the volunteer help.


George, David, and Isabelle weeding in the carrots. This will save tons of time later on. 🙂

Elderberries after the rain

Elderberries after the rain


See you all soon!

Jen, David, Bruce, Benjamin, Marshall, Lori, and Nadege

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