Dermot looking refreshed after his vacation

** Please note this Thursday we will be at the other end of Victoria Park by University Avenue **

On Friday we had our organic certification inspection.  It happens once a year and we do a lot of extra work to make sure our records are up to date for the audits.  There is a traceability exercise where a random crop is chosen and we have to show records of seed purchase, seedling production, field planting, production, harvest, and sale.  Then we do a harvest/sale balance. Our top producing crops are chosen and we have to add up all the records of harvest and all the records of sales for the year and make sure they balance to within 5%.  The inspectors tour the farm, barns, greenhouses, office and ask for water and compost test results.  Thanks to Dakota, Marshall, and Google sheets for helping me get ready.

Yesterday George came with his two kids, Isabelle and Yann.  They worked hard, and we really appreciate their efforts.  They’ve been coming to the farm for years and it is so nice to see the kids turn into young adults.  We’ve also had visits from David’s parents, who make the trek from Boston (thank you Danny and Hanna!).  Lawrence Parker came by to pick up a piece of gear and in exchange, brought some chickens for our freezer.  Erin’s brother Cam is here from Ontario helping out.  We want to say thank you to him as well.

As I write this, it is starting to rain.  Thank you rain!  We need lots of you.

Here are a few photos from this week:


The laying hens are so comical!


Uh-oh!  Sprinter doesn’t start.  Having to get a new starter.


Yann and Isabelle, with George in the background laying out row cover


Fermented beans for winter eating


Looks like Dermot has attracted a female!


Hope Blooms market last Thursday.  It’s getting busy!


We’re so happy to have a welder for all those little repairs

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