Harvest Moon


Magic tomatoes from Erin’s field

We are feeling pretty happy about the rain we got on Sunday and Monday!  Happy, relaxed, grateful, relieved.  All is well after 42 mm of rain fell, and now, I can hear a wee trickle of water running between the ponds.  I have faith that the ponds will all fill up and overflow into each other, creating a wonderful new ecosystem in the middle of the farm.  Thanks for everyone’s prayers and well wishes!

Only greenhouse crops and baby crops have been irrigated for the last month.  Now we can start irrigating everything again.

I think everyone knows by now that David and I love the farm crew a lot.  We think they will be staying with Abundant Acres well into November, but two of them are buying their own farms next month!  Marshall and Hilary are buying the farm next door.  Woot woot!  We’re very honoured to be their neighbours, and it looks like Marshall may continue to work with us at Abundant Acres for a while yet.  Dakota found a great place near Torbrook in the Valley.  Look out Torbrook, she is a force!  Marshall and Dakota are both very talented growers and we wish them the best!  Talking about talented growers, Matheson, who has been managing the most challenging fields on the farm, has also been growing an amazing garden outside his cabin and it doesn’t have any pests!  He’s also enjoying having shingles on the outside of his cabin, instead of taking up space inside.  Erin and Dermot will be staying a little longer to help with the final harvest work, and then they are going to Ireland so Erin can see Dermot’s family’s farm.  We tease them constantly about getting married.  Hope they do!

Dermot is quite the rugby player and his team, the Windsor Machine, is in the provincial playoffs.  So exciting!  I love the way the whole crew goes to see his games and cheer him on.  Lori is very keen too, as she used to play rugby herself.  It looks like her catering business, Bare Roots, is taking off.  You go, girl!

Here are a few photos from the week on the farm:


Matheson’s cabin with the shingles on the outside, finally!


Over 40 mm!


David is spreading beautiful compost in preparation for spring


Laura Spinner, our friend from Australia, is back!  Helping with garlic


After a season of cover crops, P1 will be back in action next spring


Bringing in the harvest of squash from the Fox field



Delicata squash heading for the seedling greenhouse to cure beside the onions

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