“I’m liking this rain!”

Finally!  We’ll host an Open Farm Day/Workparty on Saturday Oct 22 from 2pm on for farm share customers. We’ll plant garlic as a group, and then have a meal together.  Please let Jen know if you plan to attend (jenredfox@gmail.com).  Let’s celebrate the end of the season and hope for great weather!  If it is raining, we’ll host it on Saturday October 29.  Bring warm clothes and rubber boots.

It’s harvest time….  The squash are coming into the seedling greenhouse to cure.  Potatoes are next.  Onions are already in, drying.  The front field is still pumping out masses of green goodness, especially now that it has started to rain.  It is also time to prepare for spring.  Yesterday Marshall and the crew were busy taking care of tarps and mowing.  Taking care of all the little details that make spring work so much smoother and easier.  David has been working to transition the original pasture field from cover crops to strips of juicy compost with plastic on top, rye in between, ready for planting in the spring.  This will all cut down on time spent weeding and preparing beds.  Yay!

Good news!  We’re going to have carrots in the farm shares this week.  So sorry for the long delay.  We’ll also have Delicata or Jester squash this week (the skins are edible).

Here are a few photos from the last week:


“We get the weekend off from market?”


Matheson and Marshall enjoying bbq corn at Dermot’s surprise birthday party


Dermot, helping out in the front field


Squash curing in the greenhouse


Spinach, foreground, Marshall, background


Carrots, front field


Front field… looking great!


More squash curing


Fancy purple daikon radish KN-Bravo.  That will be fun to ferment!

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