Giving Thanks


Rich radish colour with Marshall in his rooster hat

“Dodged that bullet!”  David was referring to the fact that we didn’t get as much wind or as much rain as some areas of the province.  Phew!  We got 100 mm of rain, which was great because we needed it, but no flooding.  Our 4 ponds are happily gurgling as one flows into another.  We got a lot of wind, but not enough to do major damage.  I went to see the hoop houses, and was surprised to see them standing tall and strong. Some of our plastic mulch did rip up and blow around, which was discouraging, but all in all, we are feeling blessed and relieved.  Best wishes and comfort to those who suffered damage and loss from Hurricane Matthew’s effects.

Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving with our crew and my parents, an extended family of 11.  We had a goose from the Zillig’s farm in Scotch Village, and tons of — you guessed it — vegetables.  And the 4 “pumpkin” pies were made with squash.

We sure missed Marshall and Hilary while they were away last week!  They returned, looking relaxed and happy and …. engaged to be married.  They bought their farm next door  this week too.  Double the fun!  We are all so happy for them.  Dakota is buying her farm today.  Look out: really impressive new farmers coming down the pipe!

David has a new favourite vegetable, it is a daikon radish called KN-Bravo and if you peel it, it tastes like cucumber.  I like it with the peel on for a bit more edgy radish flavour.  It is also stunningly beautiful with its purple starry middle. Try it!  I can’t wait to make all kinds of ferments with it.  These daikon radishes are highly prized by our Korean customers.

Don’t forget Open Farm Day is Saturday Oct 22.  Click on the link to go to the page with details and directions.  RSVP to Jen (  Here are a few photos from the last few days:


Oooooh!  pond filling up.


Cold morning harvest with big thick gloves on


Marshall just before getting a hair and beard cut at the Sip and Clip


Frosty lettuce


KN-Bravo radish in salad.


Farm crew with their pumpkins and kitty.  Notice Marshall with his new tamed hair and beard.

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