Starting Thursday June 1


Rye growing where potatoes were grown last year, looking out over the Cogmagun and Avon Rivers, to Hantsport in the distance.  We are using all our own seed potatoes this year.

Every Spring comes with its own challenges.  We thought we had this one on lock-down.  We invested in labour-saving techniques and equipment, our fields were in good shape, our crew was ready and willing, the weather wasn’t too crazy…  But alas, the folly of hubris: just thinking things are ok will attract things that go wrong.  David and I got a nasty virus that was going around leading to persistent coughs, tiredness, and use of many tissues.  Two members of our crew, Rhi and Anna, also got it.  Because David was not able to rest, it lingered for weeks.  Then David discovered the brake fluid had leaked out of our delivery van on his way into Seaport Market!  So the Sprinter went to van hospital in Windsor.  Oh the list of setbacks goes on, including falling off a tall ladder while painting a wall at the new pick up location.

On the other hand… we are grateful that everyone is recovering (with renewed immune systems), that we are learning, that our soil is improving, that we didn’t get in an accident on the road, and that David didn’t break any bones.  We are also stoked about our new distribution location at 2867 Isleville St near the Olands Brewery and Hydrostones.  We’re really hoping it will have better parking than Victoria Park, and we know it will be easier to have a roof over us when it is raining, windy, or even sunny.  No tents and tables to set up!  In the next few weeks we’re planning to build a permanent display.  We’re also really stoked to be co-operating with other producers like Holdanca Farm, Maritime Gourmet Mushroom, Afishionado, and Gold Island Bakery at this new location.  We’re just working out all the details so you’ll hear more about it soon.

If you enjoy farm photos, you’re in luck.  Here are a few below:


David loves the new Vibro-planche that Isaac Villeneuve made for him.  It will save hours of hand broadforking


uh-oh!  Sprinter goes to hospital on a flatbed.  Thanks CAA!


Dirty knees!


Hyla mowing rye between beds of veg


Marshall spreading manure in Marisa’s field.  Getting ready for next season 


Treats after lunch


Every farmer needs plaid shirts!


Every farm needs row cover to block pests and keep plants warm


Summer turnips: have you tried them marinated?  They pick up flavours beautifully!


Taking care of the soil with rye


Taking care of David with tea


Rhi taking part in the farm fashion show on a rainy harvest day.  Marisa and Anna are working on their outfits in the background


New pick up location at 2867 Isleville St before renovations.  It used to be a bean sprout factory.


A little ice cream at the Mantua store after a hard week of work.  Left to right: Hyla, Rhi, Marisa, Anna.  Missing from photo, Marshall and David (aka Papa G)

One thought on “Starting Thursday June 1

  1. Hi, Jen, I have tried to comment so often, and failed. Now maybe I can just send an email? I love every blog, even though this one featured my sweet David getting hurt. Your pictures are wonderful. I hope your mishaps are done for the season. Love, Mimsy

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