That was fun!


Early morning shot in the seedling greenhouse

Last Thursday when we got things set up for the farm share pick up on Isleville St, with Holdanca Farm set up beside us, Afishionado set up above us, and with veggies,  bread, mushrooms and eggs all around, I started to have a lot of fun!  It was great to see long-time members again, wonderful to meet new members, and encouraging to see one person after another walk in, look around, and announce they’d be back with other people.  The vibe was very supportive.

A very cheerful woman named Helen walked in and asked if she could write an article about what we were doing.  Here is a link to her article.

Welcome to all our farm members old and new!  I encourage you to get to know each other, enjoy all that is on offer on Thursdays, and try something new.  Speaking of something new, we have home-made tempeh on offer as well.  It is a traditional Indonesian specialty.

Below are a few farm photos from this week:



Rolling out the crop hopper version 2.0


Anna putting away her tools after a long day


Harvesting peppermint.  It is very purple underneath!


Nutrition students taking advantage of the first warm, sunny day in a while to eat outside.


Spinach trying to escape but realizing it has no abdominal muscles…


Thanks to Jess Ross for her bread.  We’ll try to have it available every week.


Jason from Maritime Gourmet Mushrooms answering questions


Checking out the dill

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