This will be my 25th year living on the farm, and it feels like the birds are the happiest yet.  Now that it is warm enough to open the windows, and the daylight is so long, I can hear them start up at 4:30 am and get to work filling the air with a joyful noise.  We have a vigorous kiwi that has covered a bunch of trees I’d planted to block the wind.  The kiwi provides excellent cover for birds and when you walk by it sounds like they’re having a raucous party under there.  I don’t know what kind of bird it is (can anyone help me? Photo below) but it makes an insanely happy sound.


Please help us identify the bird in this photo, it is near the top of the spruce tree

This week the fields really came alive with the warmer temperatures.  Lift up the row cover, and surprise!  There are nice carrots under there.  You can see how much row cover we use if you watch the June 11 drone video (1.5 minutes) at this link.  The row cover is a very light fabric sheet we cover most crops with in the spring.  We can also use it to exclude pests.  If Jonathan made a video this week, it would have shown a lot more green growing crops.

Below are a few more photos from this week on the farm:


Hyla and Rhi laying a roll of row cover over squash


David and Ari discussing the new crop hopper Ari just built



Anna mowing and tarping in her field


Marissa and David discussing weed control


Flowers from Barefoot Blooms ready to bring to Isleville


Marshall with all his gear: computer, tool belt, and garlic

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