Unwrapping the gift

Hyla, who is in charge of the first pasture field, P1, was excited to take the row cover off the strips of vegetables.  “It’s like Christmas.”  The wrapping paper comes off, and the gift is revealed.  Big, strong, healthy vegetables that were growing in their cozy beds.  Alternating with rye and clover, the cover crop, where vegetables will grow next year.  Row cover lets rain and sun through, but not pests and cold.  Such a great invention!


Surprise!  So much going on, under the row cover

Rhi’s friends Meaghan and James came to visit from Ontario.  Today, James got the job of cleaning bins and crates and Meaghan dove right into salad mix washing.  The sound of James singing rose above the power washer.

Lori and Andrew came by to u-pick some vegetables for Lori’s business, Bare Roots Catering. Lori used to be one of our best harvesters, but her business has gotten so busy she didn’t have time to work here anymore. We miss the rare combination of a gentle, warm personality and full-on, get-er done work style .  Andrew is also starting a new business in his shop on New Cheverie Road nearby.  He’s a genius with machinery and metal fabrication.  Today  he met with Ari Harel, who has been working on our Crop Hopper version 2.  He gave us some very useful advice on a power steering issue.  Having a network of talented and helpful friends is one of the best parts of living and farming in this community.


Below are some farm photos of the last week:


Lori and Andrew with David


Hyla taking up wire hoops from the eggplant


Marisa and David in the onions.  Soon she’ll be able to use Crop Hopper 2 to do the weeding and hilling


Meaghan washing salad mix


James washing bins


Crop Hopper 2 steering issue


Hyla’s personal garden


One thought on “Unwrapping the gift

  1. Dear Jens,

    Lovely post!!! Good stories.

    John is filming this weekend ….something he has been very tense about and working hard to prepare for. I am going to help out by looking after Urs’s kids on Saturday and Sunday (until 9 pm) while Urs helps John out. So John will probably be a little preoccupied Friday night. I was hoping he and David could have a good visit if David does come to sleep. But….maybe not. I wanted to warn David about the situation. Probably David just wants to sleep anyway. Great good luck with the market….I’ll be there. Love, Mum

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