Bumper crop of hazelnuts?

I keep telling people at the farm share pick up that they don’t need to show us what they have in their bag.  I like to say, “I trust you” and sincerely mean it.  Having a face to face interaction with our farmshare members and walk-in customers is an important part of our farming week.  This weekly meeting with the people who support our farming dream in exchange for wholesome food is the core of what keeps us motivated.

Years ago I asked farmers to give examples of things they liked about living in rural communities.  One response was “I like to leave my tool shed open and have others borrow tools and know they will be returned.”  On Isleville St we had a new customer come by and give us some very nice gardening tools.  That was a great welcome to the neighbourhood.  Thank you!

Here are some photos from the week:


Have you tried eggplant on the BBQ?  Incredible!  These were marinated first.


Garlic harvest



Marisa and Anna harvesting on a hot day.  It sure is nice having the clover between crops.


Watch this week for purple vegetables!


Our friends and neighbours, Marshall and Hilary, needed lots of fans.  We trust them entirely.


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