Working Together


Harvesting kale in Marisa’s field

This season we’ve had fantastic weather, a great crew, and a terrific new spot for marketing our products (Isleville St).  Another positive development this season is farmers working together.  Marshall and Bruce, two people who’ve spent years working with us on our farm, are now establishing their own farms (yay!) in this community.  Jake MacDougall has also established a fantastic horse-powered farm just minutes from our place.  He raises vegetables and livestock and he’s doing a great job.  He is helping us with our Seaport Market stand, which lets David stay at home and get farming jobs done on Saturdays.  Marshall is developing a wholesale business that will be supplied by his farm, and possibly ours too.  Bruce will be taking on the storage crop end of things.  Near Bruce is Lori, who runs the catering business, BareRoot Catering, and her partner Andrew, who has a lot of mechanical and fabrication talent.  I suspect that we will all be working together for years to come.  Everyone has different talents and strengths, but no one has everything it takes to run a farm business, or live effectively in a rural community.  We all need each other.

We have also really enjoyed co-operating with other businesses at the Isleville market too: Afishionado, Holdanca Farm, Gold Island Bakery, Barefoot Blooms and Maritime Gourmet Mushrooms.  They bring business to us, and we bring business to them.  Stay tuned for exciting news on this market coming up soon!

We will have naturally-grown, unsprayed blueberries from Seville Centreville Farm (aka Blueberryland) again this week.  It was great to find a blueberry farm to work with after losing our connection with Todd’s farm when he sold it.

Below are some photos from this week on Abundant Acres:


Marshall and Rhi: compost power!


Northern Hardy Kiwi.  My current challenge is to figure out how to make it a commercial crop


Front field strategy session


Anna and Rhi harvesting salad mix


Rhi and Marshall in the tropical storm


Claudia picking up her share




Hyla, just back from her vacation

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