Rhi harvesting arugula in Anna’s field

It is a swell time of year!  It smells great, it feels great, and there is so much fabulous produce.  This morning a very orange, full moon was dropping in the sky, as a warm breeze blew over the hill from the river.  The tides will be extra high today so we feel this swelling of the earth.  We know the rain is coming so we’re enjoying this beautiful sunny, weather while we can.  At the same time, our hearts are heavy, knowing of all the suffering caused by flooding and hurricanes in the south.

This is a time of preparing for the winter.  People are ordering bulk tomatoes for freezing and canning.  Hyla has been busy canning different vegetables so she can take a little bit of the summer with her when she leaves.  (Half of the preserves are left behind for next year’s crew.) She did a beautiful job drying cherry tomatoes in the dehydrator.  In the winter I love grinding dried tomatoes in a nutri-bullet and we add the tomato powder to thicken tomato sauce (it works so well!).  I have dispensed with the laborious job of canning tomatoes in favour of throwing them in the freezer whole (especially the Juliettes) and making sauce in the winter.  The summer is just too short to fit in canning jobs.

Our favourite way of preserving many vegetables quickly and easily is lacto-fermentation.  It is a very old-fashioned food preservation technique that requires no heating, used to make sauerkraut and kim-chi. The extra bonus is these foods are very good for gut health because they are full of beneficial bacteria.  When ferments are made with fresh vegetables growing in soil that is alive, they work especially well.  We are planning a lacto-fermentation workshop on the farm for Saturday September 23.  Sign up by emailing Jen.

On the farm we will be welcoming some new people in September, including Jessi, who will be working at the Isleville St Warehouse Market with us; Kathleen, who will also try some time on the farm crew; and Rhi’s partner Brad, who will join the farm crew for the fall.  We are also very happy to have Marshall’s smiling face back this morning after returning from his vacation.


Marshall is back, ripped pants and all


Ginger root grown in our hoop house


Spiralizer.  It is great for making zucchini noodles!  This deluxe version can also chop and slice cabbage or onions for making ferments.  There is also a less expensive smaller version 


Anna looking surprised


Carrots in the wash shed


When I saw this frog, I thought it had gold on it


Jessi will be working with us at the Warehouse Market on Isleville St. and hopefully on the farm too.

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