Anna’s parents visited the farm

My goal with this blog is to give people a slice of life on the farm.  The last 7 days have been amazing.  Very full, very stressful, very wonderful.  David and I often stop and say: “this is our surreal life”.  We can hardly believe it.  It feels like we are surfing on a wave, and we just have to surrender to it.  On Tuesday, the first day of a new market behind Dilly Dally café (Quinpool and Vernon), we watched in amazement as a flow of students from the universities passed us on their way to student discount day at Superstore.  Some checked out our stand, went to the store, and then stopped in on their way back to buy produce.  Sweet!  There was another flow of people coming out of the café to buy produce too.  Sweet Laura and Ray of Dilly Dally promoted our market to their people, and their people responded!  We were feeling the love.  We even got a break so we went to visit Sara and Jayme at Common Roots Farm nearby.  Wow!  It is so great to see how far that initiative has come.

Last Thursday we started the Warehouse Market (open Thurs-Fri 11-7 and Sat 9-1) with Afishionado, Holdanca Farm, and a new vendor, Pop Culture Brew Co.  Would people show up?  Yes!  Thanks to everyone who came out on all three days.  There seems to be a lot of potential for growth there.  It gives our farmshare members so much flexibility for picking up too.  What a blessing to be part of this initiative!

We also started a very big project on the farm.  The rain held off while the excavation work for the underground piping went on.  Jake brilliantly executed the installation of the underground air heat transfer system for a 144′ by 30′ greenhouse yet to be built.  Once the underground installation was complete, Jake started to put together the above-ground portion.  Let’s hope it all works.

Here are some photos:


Underground piping for new greenhouse


Underground portion complete.  Above-ground parts being assembled.


Excavator nestled in front of wood shed waiting for pick up


Marisa replacing row cover after harvest



So glad the crew got the compost covered before the rain started!


Tomato, squash, and tomatillo seeds are great at surviving the composting process


David likes harvesting with the crew


Kathleen harvesting hazelnuts.  Unfortunately the bluejays and squirrels got to it first


Fellow vendors at the Warehouse Market


Dilly Dally market on Tuesday


Phew!  It rained!


Hyla harvesting


The beet goes on

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