Power Pose


Asad moving the turmeric to the seedling greenhouse.  Growing ginger and turmeric makes us feel like we’re in the Caribbean (or another warm place)

As we arranged ourselves for the group photo, after a long harvest day, people were in a silly mood.  Everyone brought their favourite vegetable friend with them but David noticed Brad brought an apple from another farm “Thanks for featuring Fair Acre Farm, Brad.”  “Jen, this daikon radish is as big as you are.”  “How about a power pose?” “When your mother sees this on Facebook, she’s going to wonder what she did wrong.””That daikon is strong and healthy, like you.”  This is our wonderful crew.

The end of a great farm share season is nigh.   We hope you all enjoyed it.  We heard a lot of stories about the farm share positively changing the way people eat.  Our new marketing system was a leap into the unknown, but we made a lot of new friends and have had a good time with it.  Here’s hoping we can stay where we are and the support from people in the vicinity of the Warehouse continues.

One of the highlights of our time at the Warehouse was when the Italian plumber, Flavio, and the Italian electrician, Frederico, who have a work space next to the warehouse, walled off a portion of their shop and opened up a coffee/espresso window “Espresso 46”.  Flavio and Frederico were so excited and pleased, they were like two delighted boys.  It was infectious.  The warm temperatures and frequent Italian dialogue made us think we were in Tuscany!

Thank you so much, especially, to our farm share members, who battled traffic and construction to pick up their weekly shares.  You are the foundation of our farm.  You make it possible for us to take out loans, even out cash flow, and pay our wonderful crew early in the season.  We hope the multi-day pick up will help make things more convenient for everybody.

We are planning to continue the market year round if the customers and produce hold out.  Now that we have the ground-heated greenhouse almost complete, our goal is to have fresh, reasonably priced greens for sale deep into the winter.

Below are a few photos from the week at Abundant Acres:


David’s office


Cathy Munro of Bramble Hill Farm in Pictou Co. visiting and talking shop


Ladybird beetles going for the last swim of the season


Marshall comparing two varieties of carrots planted at the same time in the same bed


This manure spreader was modified by Andrew Haley.  Now the compost can be applied exactly where it is needed.


Honeycrisp apples from Fair Acre Farm.  


Both plastic layers are on the ground-heated greenhouse.  The construction is not fully complete yet (we still need to install fans etc), but it is fully planted.


Part of the crew (Photo by Rhi More)


Fall 2017 crew action shot: David, Marshall, Hyla, Rhi, Brad



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