Warehouse Market: 2867 Isleville St Thurs, Fri 11-7, Sat 9-1

IMG_1716Abundant Acres Produce Available at:

Warehouse Market

Thurs, Fri 11-7, Sat 9-1

2867 Isleville St

North End Halifax

(near Olands Brewery and the Hydrostones)

  • Reasonable prices, certified organic, grown with love in Hants County NS
  • The Market is a collaborative effort of Abundant Acres, Holdanca Farms, and Afishionado.
  • We also have Zoë’s Kimchi and Kraut, Jess Ross’ sourdough bread every other week, Maritime Gourmet Mushrooms, and wildflower raw honey from Pura Vida in Antigonish.


It is time to describe this Warehouse Market!  It is hosted by Ca-Hoa, in a warehouse that was a bean sprout factory years ago.  Now it is a neighbourhood ‘hub’ with a food market, an Italian espresso/coffee window, a photo darkroom, and other exciting initiatives.  The evolution of the space has been fun since the Market opened in June 2017.  Bikes and strollers are parked outside as people stop by for veggies, eggs, meats, seafood, bread, kimchi, kombucha and coffee.  The community has been so supportive!  Customers will regularly let me know how grateful they are that we’ve located in their neighbourhood.  All the vendors share Jessi and Sarah, who staff the Market on Thurs, Fri, and Saturday until 1pm.  We’ve just purchased a bright OPEN sign, so people will know when the market is open for business.  We bought a refrigerated display case for fresh meat and seafood, and other products that need refrigeration.  Our most frequent question now is “how long into the winter will you be open?”  We hope to be open all winter.  We’ve never done this before, but we’ll do our best!

Below are a few photos of the Warehouse Market, staff, and supporters.  We hope you enjoy it.


Sarah Lloyd, Saturday Market


Jessi Talbot, Thursday and Friday Market



Fair Acres Farm (Davison family) in Falmouth provides most of the fall fruit



The crew working behind the scenes to produce vegetables


Odessa will be introducing her pies this week!


Denise of Barefoot Blooms supplies the beautiful flower arrangements


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