Seedlings are spilling out of the greenhouse and into the greenhouses and fields.  Here are celery and celeriac seedlings

Spring has finally taken hold here at Abundant Acres.  The crew is planting something most every day, lots of greens are coming in from the greenhouses and we are excited to put a winter’s worth of planning and dreaming into action.

This winter planning time helps us reflect on how to more fully express our personal values through this farm.   Everyone on the crew, including Jen and I, are motivated by providing high quality produce at the most affordable price possible.   Every day, we enjoy the great benefits of eating fresh, wholesome food.  If I go a single day without greens, by body cries out in need!  I look forward to a day when fresh food, full of vitality and flavour,  is the foundation of our culture’s diet, while processed food is an optional, and occasional treat.

So to get back to our plan of action.  We have decided to let our organic certification expire this spring and use the resources this frees up to hold a party on the farm in late summer.  There will be food and music.  We will also give extensive tours of the farm, answering any questions about our production techniques and giving you, our friends and customers, a chance to touch the earth and smell the compost that grows your food.  We are also having an open house and transplanting day on Saturday, May 12th.  We will tour the farm, put some onion seedlings in the ground and eat some farm fresh food.  If this sounds like fun, please get in touch.

We are still following the principals of organic farming, no synthetic fertility or pesticides and lots of life-giving compost and cover crops.   If any of you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us.  We will make it a priority to take the time to talk with you.

With Gratitude,

David, Jen, Marshall, Rhi, Nicola, Erin, Hyla, Brad, Sarah and Siggi.



Unheated hoop house with a variety of greens on the right, carrots and beets on the left



The large greenhouse, with lettuce, tomatoes, and people


Marshall harvesting inside, while the field outside is just starting to wake up

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