David and Matt, moments after emerging from a meeting where they planned the farm party menu.  Tandoor chicken, and whole roasted lamb logistics were discussed!

Once again, that special time of year has arrived.  The fields are filled with crops, humid heat has soaked deep into the ground, and the crickets have started to chirp.  Look like an early start to late Summer is upon us.

We are getting a lot of RSVPs for the Farm Party on Aug 11.  Farm tour at 2pm, and dinner at 4pm.   If you want to attend or have friends to invite, please email to let us know you are coming by August 4th at the latest.  There is no charge. We will be accepting donations at the dinner that will go to our crew’s end of season bonus.

This week we are expecting our first naturally grown blueberries from our friends the Himsl Family in Centreville, Kings County.  These berries are grown without any synthetic inputs at all and have real blueberry flavour.

We are also excited about our large tomaotes, potatoes, onions, and topped beets.  Roasted veggies anyone?  Carrots will be in short supply for a few weeks.  We had a run of low germination, but lots of nice plantings are coming along.

Our second planting of beans is getting close.  The first planting was hit hard by the frost in June, which is why we have been short on beans until now.  Hopefully we will be bean rich by next week.

With over 200 farmshare members and more signing up every week, our harvest days are getting longer.  I was checking in with the crew this morning, as we bunched the first onions of the season.  Since every full-time employee has a field they are responsible for, they have a lot of valuable insight.  And since they are working towards a significant bonus if we meet our income goals, they have a personal incentive to share those insights.

When asked how things are going, I was told “good”.  When I asked how work was coming along in each person’s field, I was told that harvests are taking up time usually set aside for planting and weeding.  I’m learning that to be a good leader is mostly a process of asking the right questions and then listening carefully.

They went on to tell me that we don’t need more help on Wednesday, as much as someone to come in on Tuesday to help with things like tomato vine pruning, carrot weeding and harvesting crops that store like topped beets and potatoes.

Very specific, well thought-out information.   Its deeply satisfying to see this group take on so much responsibility, and make things work day after day.

I hope all of you are enjoying the taste and nutritional benefits of eating the produce.  With your support, you are making a special experience possible for Jen and me, and all of the passionate young farmers that make up our crew.


Turmeric plants for sale at Warehouse Market and Seaport Market


Nice scene with David taking time to spend with his parents, who won’t stop working.  They are in great shape, and we are so grateful.


David’s mother, Hannah.  She gets a job, and she just goes until it is done.  Amazing woman, with beautiful eyes.  Too bad she’s looking down.


Pruning hands


Hyla harvesting garlic


What you find when you least expect it


Amazing Emmy-Lou!


We got a visit from Bruce and Nadege, who used to live on the farm with us.  They blessed us with a fabulous little goddaughter, Isabella.  She is so energetic and fun to be around.  Don’t grow up too quickly sweetheart!



Behind the Warehouse Market, there is a darkroom where avid photographers develop their photos.  Paul Girvan has shared some of his photos with us, thank you Paul!  Here is a shot of Siggi at Friday market.


Lunch buffet by Nicola.  She uses quickly cooked brussels sprouts leaves (lower left) for wraps.  A nice gluten-free alternative!


Erin harvesting garlic with her new snazzy purple shoes


Good to see Christine from across the Cogmagun River again!


Marshall and Naomi harvesting radishes with Nicola in behind coming to show us her new purslane crop



2 thoughts on “Crickets

    • Dear Jennifer and David:
      I just wanted to let you know that Parvati (my wife) and I as well as our son Narsa will be coming to your farm party. I have spoken to David, and he assured me that there would be plenty of vegetarian food. So we are coming. Thank you.


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