Crane holding a bunch of fresh turmeric with compost still stuck to it

Tonics are herbs or foods that are good for us.  The definition is a medicinal substance taken to give a feeling of vigour or well-being.  They give benefits with regular use.  One of the best tonics I know is stinging nettle, which is full of minerals like calcium and iron.  It is wonderful eaten steamed, or dried and made into tea.  We sometimes harvest it and sell it at our markets.  We had a visit from two Nepali men who live in Halifax and work at Dalhousie.  They saw the nettle and really wanted some so I gave them a knife, and a bag, and gloves.  This plant stings so the harvester has to cover up.  Once it is cooked, it is fine though.  He said he would use the nettle in lentil soup and it makes his bones and joints healthy.

We also grow ginger and turmeric.  They are also beneficial for all kinds of conditions, although it is good to check with your doctor before consuming in quantity.  They are both anti-inflammatory and are wonderful in food or tea or heated in milk with pepper to make it more available.  Plus, fresh ginger is delightful to smell!


Nicola harvesting Carmen sweet red peppers.


Making a ginger tonic for winter


Lori and Andrew got married in the barn her dad built.  They have both been really important parts of Abundant Acres.  Andrew can fix any machinery, he’s been doing it since he was very young.  Lori work with us for four years and is an amazing cook!!  She made the best meal for the wedding with vegetables from Abundant Acres.  Yes, she made all the food AND was the bride.  We’re so honoured to live in the same community with them.  It takes a community to run a farm, and raise a child


Carmen peppers!


Genevieve, bless her heart, has been volunteering at the Warehouse Market.  She is very full of life and so fun to hang out with!


This is what the Warehouse Market looks like when we first arrive.  We bring a LOT of food!


Woody herbs sold at Warehouse Market.  More tonics!  Oregano and rosemary are my favourites for fall/winter infusions and Greek cooking.


We had a visitor from Nepal who really wanted some nettles.  He understands how important they are as a tonic for our bodies.  “They build bones and prevent pain in joints.”


Misty morning scene.  I noticed some flowers match the Kubota tractor.


Dakota getting the site ready for the hoop house move.  The sky looks like it wants to rain and we hope it does!!

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