Harvest Moon


Where the Cogmugun River flows into the Avon River at the edge of Abundant Acres

This week’s blog post will be mostly photos.  We had our first heavy frost Monday night making this a very very short frost-free season.  Good thing we’ve invested in season extension infrastructure!  We are getting fields ready for next year, harvesting, and preparing to put in fall/winter greens.  It is a time of change for sure.  Soon we will be saying farewell to Erin, who is going back to the Emerald Isle to do her Irish winter farming.  It has been such a pleasure to have Erin on the farm crew for a second year!! She is so organized, so nurturing, so smart, sweet, smiling, and supportive.  Next week stay tuned for news about our new crew member, Dani.


Something has changed: We’re sitting in the sun instead of the shade at lunch.  It is getting just a little bit colder


Kim and Erin picking tomatoes in the middle field hoop house


Isadora(ble) is doing her job scaring squirrels and mice away from the woodshed.  It feels good to have a shed full of wood at this time of year.


Seedlings are still being planted


Erin getting bins cleaned with the super power washer.  We used to go through one power washer every year, but now we have this more powerful one that will last.


Rhi picking tomatoes in the unheated hoop house with turmeric watching and commenting behind her


Carrot harvest by Dakota and Kim


Abundant Acres Farm from above.  It is neat to see the bright green chicken pasture sections, hoop houses, insect net cover, ponds, forest, and salt marsh all in one photo.  Photo credit: SMU Intertidal Coastal Sediment Transport Research Unit Drone


Marshall may be soaking wet, but he’s always got a great attitude


After harvest, Rhi and Erin put the insect net back on.  It is a lot of extra work, but worth it!


Fox field vegetables from above, Cogmagun River in background.  Photo credit: SMU drone.


Still picking tomatoes

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