Everyone’s been asking! Where are the brussels sprouts? Here they are. Looking grand, although the little sprouts aren’t big enough to bring to market yet

First of all, I want to apologize to everyone who came to the market to pick up their Farmshare on Saturday and may have not found everything you were looking for.  We had a communication error that resulted in several items not being re-supplied.

We are going to try extra hard to prevent that from happening again, but it is a fact that we have more variety on Thursdays.  Learning how to run a farm market three days a week poses a lot of interesting challenges that we are still working on.

As some of you might remember, the climate battery is a series of buried pipes in the greenhouse. Large fans blow air through the pipes to store solar heat during the day by heating the soil beneath the greenhouse.  At night the fans turn back on, bringing the the stored heat back into the house.  In theory, this system should keep the house from freezing all winter long.

Today I met with Jeff Ross, the excavation contractor that did all of our greenhouse site work, including setting up the climate battery.  He came because our climate battery was half flooded  for most of last winter.   When trying out a new technology, problems like this are to be expected.

We walked around, told a few jokes and came up with a plan to get it draining.  I’m hopeful that we will have full use of the system this year.  I’ll be sure to post pictures of our repair efforts and how they turn out over the coming winter.


I recently had the rare pleasure of working with the crew to harvest beets. As soon as they finished harvesting they went straight to weeding. Without missing a beet. LOL

Got a visit from our favourite barefoot faerie farmer with her charming accent. She loves the ginger and turmeric for her herbal tonics and treats.

It is hard to rip down productive tomato plants, but we have to make room for planting overwintering greens. Don’t worry, we have more tomatoes in the hoop houses.

Here is a typical pose for David, who spends most of his days fixing things.

Nicola and Rhi taking care of greenhouse business


Love the dynamics between Dani and Erin

When I saw the carrots in the little front pockets of Nicola’s overalls, I had to get the photo.


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