Thank you!!


David and Marshall getting cabbage ready to use in kimchi

We want to say thank you to all of our farm share customers and wish you the best over the holidays and into the New Year!  If you come into the Warehouse Market this week, you are welcome to a free pint of garlic.

Below are a few photos of things that have happened on the farm over the last month.  We had a ferment day with our wonderful neighbours.  It all turned out very well.  We made kimchi, leekchi, cortido, and regular sauerkraut.  We also got a new puppy, Hak Daddy.

We will be continuing at the Warehouse Market all year, and David or Jen or both will be there every Thursday all year (unless the weather is horrible).  The farm share will continue in 2019 at the same price as the last two years, but some of the prices for individual items at the market will go up a bit in the new year.  We will also be charging for plastic bags in the new year.  Thanks to everyone who has been bringing their own bags!!

Enough about bags.  We hope you have lots of love and light over the winter solstice, Christmas, and New Year season, and of course, lots of great food!  Hugs from Jen, David, and Dani.


Getting leeks ready to use in leekchi


Getting garlic ready to use in Kimchi


Sunflower and pea shoots


This greenhouse sustained a bit of damage one windy day.  It was our fault, we were using old plastic.


This hoop house at the end of the day.  It managed to withstand the windstorm.  It is 300 feet long, and stretches down the hill.


Inside the unheated greenhouse after our crop planning workshop.


Harvesting kale in the snow, Fox Field, by the river


Greenhouse harvesting in the dark.  Crazy farmers!


Our new little terrier puppy just after we brought him home.  That face!!


David washing trays for shoots and seedlings


We have friends down the road with a chicken processing plant and sawmill.  We love picking up their slabwood (a byproduct of the lumber they produce) to burn in the two houses on the farm.



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