Beginning (again)


Corrina harvesting arugula

The Spring Peepers are peeping, the grass is showing just a bit of green, and the farm crew is working hard in the gentle rain.  It must be spring.

This week we are trying out something new at the Warehouse.  We are going to import certified organic produce.  Once our own production is plentiful in May, we will stop.  This is a trial with the idea that if its well received, we will start importing again next winter.

Since Jen and I have been involved in promoting and practicing small scale, local, sustainable farming all of our adult lives, this decision was not taken lightly

Our motivation for trying this is simple.  By offering a full selection at great prices, year-round, we hope the Warehouse will become a produce destination for a wider audience of HRM shoppers.  Once in the door, we can introduce the joys of freshly picked produce grown by a local farmer in living soil.

Utmost care will be taken to clearly label what is imported.  All of the vegetables we buy in will be certified organic.  This week we are bringing in organic fruit in addition to local low-spray apples.

Please let us know what you think of this.  We are going to be listening to our customers and feeling it out ourselves.

Back on the farm things are going very well.  Even though we have had many days of rain, we have lots of crops seeded outdoors. The heated greenhouse and the hoop houses are coming on strong with lots of salad greens.

In late February, we started 14,000 leeks and 30,000 onions in the hope of having a steady supply through the coming winter.  We are also planting a lot more summer fruiting crops like eggplants, peppers and tomatoes. Getting all of this transplanted will be a big job, but I think our crew is up for the challenge.  They are supremely enthusiastic, full of youthful energy and all around sweethearts to each other and us.  We will be introducing these special people over the next month.  Suffice it to say, working with them is a pleasure.

Thanks again for your continued support,

David, Jen and the AA crew.



Corrina and Yannick transplanting


Justin, Sydney, Corrina, and Dani make up the full-time Abundant Acres crew


Re-doing the siding on a small shed.  Finally!


It will do.  The grey siding is corrugated plastic that is used to ship tire parts to Micheline Tires




Bok Choi ready for making into a salad.  We use it just like romaine lettuce


Crops in Justin’s hoop house


A little colour


Very high tide!  The water comes up to the bottom of the grape field.  In the background is the pasture where laying hens graze and scratch through piles of composted manure.


After work snuggles and smiles


A few peppers!


Beet greens and radishes














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