Keep On


The droplets on tomatoes are pretty, but humidity is not good.  Time to prune and get more air circulation blowing through!

All over the farm crops (and weeds) are growing like crazy.  I think they like the heat.  As long as we have water, the heat is great for fruiting crops like tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers.  It has been a massive effort, but Justin C has completed the irrigation system, and the deer fence.  If all goes according to plan, the crops *should* be protected from drought and deer.

This is a really exciting time at Warehouse Market, when we have all kinds of new crops coming on, and lots of tomatoes.  It is also a time on the farm when we all need to dig deep to find the energy to keep getting work done.  At least we’ve been having some nice breezes flowing through these past few days.

My parents have been visiting the farm on Tuesday mornings.  They help out, mow some lawn, pick berries, and ask a lot of questions.  They both worked long and hard in their careers, and also have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. This makes them a good source of advice and encouragement.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Considering the benefits of having an older generation to draw on reminds of advice from Mother Thompson, a small, sweet, tough woman from Preston who we loved and admired as an elder in our church until her passing several years ago.  She would often say: “Just keep on keeping on.”  This motto has extra weight coming from someone who milked cows, cut wood,  carried water, and walked back and forth to south end Halifax for work while raising sixteen children.

Yes, we have had a few hot days, and the workload is heavy.  It’s summer on the farm.  We are blessed to live in a quiet, peaceful place, doing work we love.  We are also honoured to have such enthusiastically supportive customers.  Last Thursday we had more than the usual number of people express appreciation to us.  We share these comments with the crew at the Friday morning work meeting, and they fuel our efforts.  We will keep on keeping on.


Time to harvest garlic (or play it like an oboe)


Uses of tuck tape (continued): I’m not sure if this is a joke or for real.


Bunching spinach.  We are attempting to grow spinach all year round.  The middle of summer and middle of winter are the two most challenging times


Leafing spinach


A snapshot from Dani’s life on the farm.  She made lunch for the crew on Monday


Tomatoes in the big greenhouse.  The beans (background) are being taken out to plant winter greens already!


Sydney scootching out the tomato prunings


Good news!  Cucumbers are starting!  Here they are, heavily protected with insect net.


Kim and Aaron celebrating the tomato harvest after a long, hot day.


Justin pruning and trellising.  It won’t be long before the tomatoes are taller than him

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