Justin is rebuilding the greenhouse with reinforced, triangulated endwalls.  Hurricane Dorian brought the endwall down on this hoop house Sept 7 in another location.  The other 4 hoop houses were ok.  Here we want to have lots of nice kale growing through the winter

For weeks, we have been getting ready for winter.  Preparing ground; planting cover crops like rye; and planting crops we can harvest in cold weather, like kale, collards, and a new selection of salad greens.  Cover crops, grown to keep the soil covered all winter; to add extra diversity to the crop mix; and to add carbon to the soil, are an exciting part of regenerative agriculture on the farm.

Justin is moving the hoop house that didn’t hold up in Dorian’s winds.  We bought extra lumber for strengthening the endwalls.  All structures will need to be designed and built more intentionally with wind and other storms in mind.  Our relationships with other people will also need to be strong.  Friends, neighbours, family, co-workers, farm share members, other farmers, and the Warehouse Market community are so so important.


Solar panels, doing their thing.  They don’t say much.  We love to duck into the barn and watch the power meter run backwards.  (Photo credit: WattsupSolar)


Kale in foreground, celery and chard in background


Jalapeño peppers


Sydney, picking tomatoes, with the kale in the background, cheering her on.


Strips of crops were spaded in and planted to rye which will overwinter and grow again in the spring.  Only part of the clover pathway remains.  In the background, the research boat can be seen on the river.


Here is the Fox Field from overhead.  This field is almost completely surrounded by thick woods.  Photo: Hilary Rancourt


Our Goddaughter Isabella is really into exploring the farm.  She grabs my skirt and pulls me away to splash in puddles and play hide and seek.  Here we are checking out beech nuts.  At 2, she is a such a bright light!  Photo: Nadege Glass


Banana peppers!


Jess Ross beside her wood fired oven.  We love her innovative bakery, her determination, and her amazing bread.  We are honoured to sell it at the Warehouse Market.


We HAD to fix this leak in the irrigation system.  Couldn’t find any goof plugs so we did the best we could.  Yes goof plugs exist.


Aaron is back from his vacation in Montreal with a big smile on his face.  He’s our weather man and music DJ in the field.


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