This time of year is a stretch. With so much daylight, and so much to do, it is tempting to work late, and start early. So many seedlings need to get planted at the same time as so many crops need to be tended, and harvest is ramping up. We’re soon going to have to harvest three days per week.

It is such a beautiful time of year! A feast for the eyes as well as a smell sensation. We have been enjoying the scent of lilacs, and then peonies. The privet hedge is about to bloom. It’s scent is very subtle and wafts around pleasantly as we pass by.

We’ve been blessed with a helper, Jaclynn, who is good at organizing. We want to streamline the flow of receipts and paperwork in the office. She saw the office and grinned. “I’m going to get this fixed up. I’m like an energizer bunny. I won’t stop until it is done.” Right now she is organizing receipts. Yesterday she went through everything and organized, AND cleaned. Next week who knows? She might tackle the desk and filing cabinets. She is so brave! And generous.

There is a similar process going on with farm harvesting. David asked some members of the crew what we could do to make harvest more efficient. They responded that they would like better harvest knives. Done! He ordered the knives, and installed a magnet for the new harvest knives to be readily available.

We want to streamline the flow of vegetables and people through the wash-pack space. Sean has started cutting pipe and pouring cement in the room in order to expand the space we have to use. Since we’re using cement, why not get the backhoe in to dig up the driveway and pour a cement pad for wheeling carts of produce to the delivery van? Since we’re getting the backhoe in, why not dig up the lilac and move it to a new spot so we can finish building the outdoor eating space by the employee house? This is how a little streamlining project can mushroom into a major distraction.

Once all these efficiency measures are put in place, I’m sure we’ll have more free time, right??

When did radishes start looking this great?
Marshall and Hilary of Fill Yer Boots Farm with David standing in front of their amazing garlic crop
Jaclynn part way through straightening out the office. She hadn’t tackled the desk on the right at this point. Check out the pile of dirt in the middle of the floor! (This is embarrassing)
Farm office part-way through clean-up and reorganization
Wash-pack room being changed to increase efficiency
Wash-pack room part way through the change
Here are the knives on a magnet, and holsters in a bucket. We want to reduce time spent looking for tools, prevent tool losses.
All the organization going on in the office and wash-pack room inspired David to start tackling shop organization.
Raphaëlle teaching two new harvest team members how to bunch dill

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