“This has been a persistent bunch of basil plants! They had a hard start in life. We planted them too close together. Then we didn’t water them the right way. They looked pretty bad at first.” Kara and I were clearing out a large bed of basil and we were both feeling sentimental about having to rip the plants out to make way for a big change in the greenhouse. We have been harvesting from this patch of basil for months. The plants have been so generous and the basil has been very good quality. They started off rough, but they came out strong. We harvested a lot of plants and will be selling them as bunches this week at Market. The greenhouse is being cleared so we can add amendments and replant for fall and winter crops. Everything is coming out except the rosemary and thyme along the edge.

On the subject of persistence, we FINALLY got high speed internet installed at the farm today!! With 8 of us sharing very limited internet capacity, this is a huge relief. We have waited a long time for this. Technicians would come to install, but walk away because the house is far from the road, or they thought the installation would be complex. David had to keep calling to re-book the installation. Thanks so much to David and my nephew Sam, for your persistence in making this happen.

Sean fixed the salad spinner. It was an old bean sprout spinning machine we got out of the building that houses our Warehouse Market. Before, it rattled and roared in the wash pack room and prevented anyone from hearing each other while the greens were being washed and dried. Now it spins like a pro, hardly making any sound at all. Sean for the win, again!

We are sending a lot of tomatoes into the Market this week. Hope you enjoy them! We ordered tomato seed in December 2020, planted them in February to make seedlings, planted the seedlings in the greenhouse in April, pruned and trellised them for months, and finally we are sending them to Market. It is so satisfying to see them go.

Kara with her basil plants
Colleen and Brandon harvesting celery
Celery growing in fox field with cover crops on either side leading down to the river
Cucumber house with insect net on the sides and ends
On the left is spinach without compost, on the right is spinach with compost.
Kara washing salad mix with a spinner that is quiet and calm now that it is fixed
Here is a mix of some tomatoes we’re growing

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