Photo: Johanna Loock

Every year at this time, people come back from vacation and start thinking about school and work in the city. New people tend to join in on the farm share (there are openings now if you know anyone who wants to sign up); some of the people working with us change their schedule because classes are starting; the farm bursts with fruiting crops; and evenings start to get a wee bit cooler. We’ve started checking in with the farm team to see who wants to return to work with us next year and most are expressing an interest!!

We’re so impressed with the farm team because of the way they lift each other up and work together. One more person needs to be hired on the farm team for the fall and possibly next summer. We are losing Brandon at the end of August to carpentry school. Best wishes Brandon!

Some Warehouse Market staff are expressing interest in working on the farm, and some farm team people want to work at the Warehouse Market. This is an exciting and healthy development! It will be nice for Market customers to meet people who are very familiar with the farm. Already Johanna has been working at both places. This week Isabel will start training at the Market. Most of the Market staff have worked on the farm at some point. One more person needs to be hired for the Warehouse Market. We will be losing Jess next week to her music composition studies. Best wishes Jess!

We’re very impressed with the Market team because of the sheer weight of produce they lift up!! This is a strong team, led by Zoë and Steph. They have worked so hard to keep the Market stocked and help customers. They really are essential workers, bravely working through the pandemic, wearing masks the whole time.

Kara getting Gai Lan (Chinese Broccoli) ready for Market.
The first few tomatillos. They are often roasted and used in salsa verde, have been harvested and sent to Market for this week. There is a green variety and a purple variety.
Jalapeño. They are yielding well!
Johanna and Raphaëlle harvesting beets. Raphaëlle told me the recent beet and spinach plantings have been doing well because compost applications have been increased for those crops. We are all happy about this news.
Husk cherries or ground cherries are starting to yield. Just a trickle at first, but soon we’ll have lots.
This celery crop is tasting very good! Give it a try.

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