There are 17 people on the farm’s payroll today. Two more will be leaving, so we need to hire. One for the farm, and one for the Warehouse Market. The farm job is short-term, but includes housing. The Market job is year-round. Get in touch if you or someone you know is interested. They are both very physically-demanding jobs.

This group of people is learning to work together and, on the farm, live together. That is such an important and beautiful skill. A rare skill! I love to see this group of people become empowered as they learn new things; as they take on new responsibilities. David and I are also learning so much about working with this group, and with each other. How much do we let go and delegate? When do we provide leadership? When do we step in, and when do we let others work out marketing and production issues among themselves?

In order to effectively steer this boat, we have some work to do internally. David and I are like a couple of onions, peeling back the layers of ‘issues’ in our lives while trying to be radically honest and vulnerable with each other. When we see the need to change, how do we change in a lasting and meaningful way from the inside out, deep in our hearts? We’ve been asking the Holy Spirit to help us.

Soulfire Farm in the US uses the word ‘farmily’ to describe the people who work on, and are connected to the farm. In terms of Abundant Acres, the farmily includes everyone who works with Abundant Acres; who is a farm share member; who supplies the Market; who shares knowledge; and who cares about food and soil and people. Basically the farm community. Thank you all for being part of it.

Morning sunrise over compost pile
Isabel washing carrots
Onion harvest has begun
David fixing the lock on the door at Warehouse. It’s quite something when you discover on Tuesday that you can’t get in to your market space when it opens on Wednesday, because the original battery on the keypad lock died.
Bethany, Steph, and Camilla harvesting onions. Yes, the beds got very weedy. Oops!
Raphaëlle, Sarah, and David spreading sheep manure on the beds before planting fall crops
Rosemary, lemon thyme, and peppermint harvest. These herbs and more are available at Warehouse Market
A large selection of greens are available in the fridge, including salad mix, arugula, mustard mix, spinach, baby kale, lettuce, pea and sunflower shoots, and fresh herbs (lemon thyme, rosemary, peppermint, sage, and fresh bay leaf).
Zoë laminating NEW labels
Some of the Market crew. Lianne, Isabel, Johanna, Jen, Zoë, Camilla, Nick. Generally a tall bunch, except for me
Wednesday Market staff, during a shift change, including Steph, on the left, this time.
The farm team, including Colleen, Kara, Brandon, Eli, David, Sarah, Sean, Jen, and Raphaëlle. Photo: Marshall Zuern

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