Today at lunch I was making a little internal list of things I was grateful for. I sometimes do this to counteract feelings of resentment, which I admit I had this morning. One: delicious soup David made with roasted red pepper and eggplant, plus cream. Two: I’m happy we haven’t gotten hit by a hurricane or earthquake or wildfire or flood. Three: we have only needed to fill the well a couple of times, and the irrigation pond is full. Four: crops (aside from cucumbers and ginger) have been growing well this year. Five: the farm crew has been working together so beautifully. I could go on, but I don’t have to because the resentment is now gone.

This week the red peppers came on strong. There are so many ways to enjoy them in food, but they are also a mood lifter. So cheerful, so sweet, so colourful.

This week compost was spread in one of the big greenhouses to get it ready for fall and winter crops. We were not quite finished the compost spreading job when for some reason, the tractor stopped turning on. At least it happened after most of the compost was spread.

Carmen red sweet peppers
Years ago a kind customer who worked at the hospital gave us a pile of blue cloths. She said they were normally used once and then thrown away. We have been using them for years! I love hanging them on the line after washing them so they get sun-dried.
Here’s the greenhouse named Nina, with one bed of compost applied. Only 5 more beds to go!
Cayenne peppers
Compost applied
Kara prepping for harvest day
Yellow sweet peppers
Eli sharpens the harvest knives for everyone
This was just about the time the kubota tractor stopped turning on. I was harvesting rosemary.

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