Bed Flip

We got a visit from friends who are originally from Romania and Sudan this week. They were keen to make a traditional Romanian roasted vegetable dip called zacousca. They also made an exceptional baba ghanoush. Both are used as a dip or a spread and are both delicious and filling! Erice was busy for 2 days harvesting, roasting, and preparing eggplant and peppers. It was a real celebration of the harvest, and her Romanian culture. A celebration of community. As we made food, we talked about moving towards deeper, more meaningful relationships. It was energizing to talk about moving towards something we want to see in our lives as we made and shared food.

The full harvest moon, and fantastic weather, has been dreamy this week. There is a little frustration about not having enough time and people to keep the weeds under control, but we are in the process of hiring now. Sarah has been leading the charge to make sure we have good fall and winter crops and they are looking good!

The crew decided to be really proactive about bed flipping and sand bag management to save time. Bed flipping is not turning a bed upside down while someone is sleeping in it. While that can be an effective technique for waking someone up, it is not what we are doing. It is the process of finishing one crop and starting another in a garden bed. It is a lot of work! The old crop is mowed, then covered with a tarp for a number of weeks to kill any remaining weeds or crop. After a prescribed time, the tarp is removed, compost and other amendments are applied, and the bed is power harrowed with the Grillo. This is a very shallow tillage operation that prepares the soil for direct seeding, or transplanting seedlings into. The process is getting more efficient as we learn to manage all the elements required. Today the crew decided to put pallets at the end of beds for stacking sand bags on. The pallets of bags can then be quickly and easily moved with the tractor. Sand bags are heavy and annoying to move, and they get in the way when mowing around fields. But they are needed to hold down the black plastic for bed flipping, and row cover or insect net for crop protection.

A friend and customer who shops at our Market sent in this recipe for a Buddha Bowl. These bowls are a great, fast way to have a healthy meal. The key is to make quick, fast sauces to go with all these vegetables and rice. We call it ‘apostle sauce’ to balance the religions. Try blending some fresh herbs like dill, cilantro, thyme, basil, and rosemary with lemon juice, tahini (or yoghurt), some honey, and salt. Experiment with different fresh ingredients and let us know your favourite sauces.

Best baba ghanoush ever! Made by Erice
Sarah using the zipper tool to make sure her paperpotted transplants settle in well
Starting a fire for roasting eggplants
Erice roasting eggplants
Plum tomatoes
David putting a seed order in for 2022. We are putting in orders earlier and earlier so we don’t miss out on our favourite varieties
Fall crops: Radiccio growing in foreground, swiss chard, and fennel
Kale washed and dripping dry on the rack
Naan bread and roasted veggies for lunch
Plum tomatoes in hoop house

3 thoughts on “Bed Flip

    • We buy seeds from many seed companies, including Fedco, Johnnny’s, Vessey’s, and Osborne. Red peppers will be at market for a reduced price this week. The peppers are phenomenal!

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