Food and Culture

Today we had a visitor who was originally from the Punjab, Manjinder Singh. He and David met in Halifax and David invited him to the farm. Manjinder is interested in starting an integrated farm near Tatamagouche so he’s visiting different farms to learn how Canadians grow food. He offered to help David cook lunch for the harvest crew, and was it ever good! We really enjoy visitors from other places who teach us about their food and culture. This Thanksgiving week is really a celebration of food and culture, and it doesn’t just have to be about the food and culture we’re familiar with.

Usually on Fridays, we have a safety meeting after lunch, then a group check-in. This is so important for preventing any tension from building up; for being real with each other; and for being vulnerable and honest. We sometimes share a ‘rose’ (something we really liked from the week), a ‘thorn’ (something we didn’t like), and a ‘bud’ (something we are looking forward to). Last week we tried something new. Everyone shared a ‘bottleneck’, and then the group brainstormed what we as a group could do to resolve it. One person expressed frustration about the barn being so messy, and then she offered to clean it up and get it organized this winter! We decided to use apple bins for organizing tarp, landscape fabric, and row cover of different sizes. Another person was frustrated with having to move heavy tarps and sandbags around the farm. We decided to build short frames around the pallets so we can pile tarps and bags on them, and be able to move them with the forks on the tractor. Another person said we should store and move the black Market bins in a different way. We decided to use the Footprint Farm method of putting wheels on the bottom of a bin and use that for moving stacks of bins around the room. It was an empowering, and constructive discussion. Now we just have to follow through!

David and Manjinder making lunch for the harvest crew
What a fabulous combination of flavours, including a home-made garam masala spice mix and the lighter green cilantro-green onion-peppermint chimichurri.
The colourful peppers are so cheerful
Manjinder and David cooking roti. They roasted eggplant right on the fire. Why bother with a grate? They also roasted corn on the cob.
Black garlic, leek, and K1-Bravo daikon.
Preparing the site for the new field tunnel, attached to the employee house
Had a wonderful visit with Andrew and Olivia on the weekend. This kale was headed for the Dalhousie student market.
Sean preparing the site for the new field tunnel.
David roasting eggplants on the weekend. We wanted to roast and peel it for freezing so we can make baba ghanoush in the winter.
Starting to put up the ribs and perlins
In their words, “two grumpy old men in overalls trying to work together.”

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