Farm Share 2022

This is our 11th year operating a farm share. The farm share is not a pre-made box that we hand to you. You get to choose what is in it! We lay out a range of produce at Warehouse Market for you to make up your own farm share. Small Shares offer 6 items (5 vegetable + 1 fruit) and Large Shares offer 9 items (8 vegetable + 1 fruit). Farm Share items are marked with a green dot on the tag, so you know what is included. The pick up location for your farm share is a vibrant market next to a fun coffee spot (Espresso46) at 2867 Isleville St in North End Halifax. Also, you can choose to pick up your share at a time that works for you. We are open for pick ups Weds to Fri 11-6 and Saturdays 9-4.

Thank you thank you thank you for being part of the Abundant Acres Farm family!! If you would like to see a post with photos of the first 10 years of the farm, click on the link.

Quick Summary

The Farm Share is offered for 22 weeks, from June 1 to October 29 2022

Prices for the season if you sign up and pay in full before May 1 2022:

Small Share: $500 (=$22.73/week)

Large Share: $660 (=$30/week)

Check out our information page (click the link)

Sign up here (click the link)

We will be raising the price of our Farm Shares on May 1 2022. We will also need to raise the price of individual farm items sold at Warehouse Market.


Below is a collection of photos from 2021 so you can get an idea of what we are doing, and what we are offering.

Marla picking up her farm share by bike on the way home from work.
This is the layout of produce items for Farm Share members to choose from. The tags let you know how much of each vegetable or fruit is considered to be an item in the share. For example, a quart of potatoes, a bunch of carrots, a bunch of chard, or 2 peppers is an item.
At the height of summer bounty, the produce is sometimes extra plentiful. In 2021 we had a bumper crop of sweet red peppers and eggplant so we offered more than normal to the farm share family. In this photo the list of farm share members on a clipboard hangs on the display unit for people to check off their names. Underneath is a whiteboard with any messages or deals for farm share members.
Abundant Acres grows a lot of greens! One small bag = 1 item and a large bag = 3 items. The green dot code is at the top of the fridge
Steph and Zoë ringing customers through at Warehouse Market. When you have a Farm Share, you can come in, get your items, and walk out without going through the checkout line. Unless, of course, you would like to purchase extra items that are not in the farm share!

Abundant Acres Farm produces most of the items available in the Farm Share. They are naturally grown using no synthetic fertilizers or pest control products. We also offer farm share products grown on other local farms, and they are all marked on the tag at the pick up. Below are photos from 2021 at Abundant Acres Farm.

2 thoughts on “Farm Share 2022

  1. Dear Jen: Please sign me up for a half share this year also. When I clicked on the link you mentioned, Google somehow entered into the picture. I don’t like that. I’d rather use my current address. In fact, I believe you have all the information regarding me on your system. As before, I’ll send you the $500 by e-transfer. Thanks.

    Sastri ________________________________

  2. Hi Chelluri, Thank you so much for joining again this year. I’m sorry about Google getting in there. I don’t know how to stop it. If anyone out there knows and can help us with that, please let me know. 🙂

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