We have many little barn swallow friends this year who have returned to the farm to take up residence in a cattle shed. They are not on payroll, but they do a lot of work. Every evening I see them swerving and banking over the fields. Chattering happily as they work. I assume they are getting mosquitoes and other flying insects. I read that each bird can eat around 850 insects per day!

Sometimes I hear the farm team chattering happily as they work too. It’s a great scene.

We are very grateful for all the work getting done! Spring on the farm is so hectic. The farm team is doing an excellent job in all weather, preparing soil, planting, weeding, harvest/wash/pack, maintenance, training, making harvest lists, and keeping things organized. Now that no-mow May is over, there is a lot of mowing and trimming to do as well. Having so many experienced team members is a blessing! They are taking ownership, making a lot of really good decisions, and catching mistakes. They are innovating and coming up with new, great ideas. There is also an amazing team keeping the Warehouse Market full of kindness and great food. They have a lot of demands on them, and they carry out the job with a lot of grace and muscle.

The two teams are so good at what they do, and the crops have been so productive, we’ve decided we can take on a few more farm share members. Tell your friends to check it out on this website under the farm share tab. You can sign up here. The price is pro-rated if you join late.

It is challenging to make a photo of a swallow because they move so fast! Here is one flying over the field we know as P1 because it used to be a pasture.
Onion planting in fox field, early May
Onions and leeks growing strong a month later.
David and I propagated our favourite peppermint so we could increase production. We’ll plant it out in front field soon. Plant propagation is so much fun!
Beans, kale, cukes, parsley, and zucchini. Netting to keep cucumber pests out of the greenhouse is in the background.
We’re going to be harvesting celery and carrots from this hoop house in a week or two. The other two beds have onions and beets.
David making parsley pesto, our new favourite dish. We add rosemary and lemon thyme too. Pestos are made with tomatoes, basil, parsley, arugula, spinach, mint, kale, cilantro, and many other ingredients. Here is a link to some ideas and recipes.
Buckwheat cover crop coming up! It is so nice to make space and time for soil-building and weed-controlling crops.
Thank you to the people who brought used tennis balls to the Warehouse Market for using on top of t-posts and re-bar as a safety measure for the farm! We need more if you have them.

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