I was talking with the farm team this morning and I asked them to send me photos for this blog. I sure got a lot of photos of tomatoes! Many families of people who’ve worked here have contributed a lot to the farm. They have baked cookies, prayed, washed windows, contributed chairs, played the flute, planted onions, sung songs, and much more! It all helps a great deal. Today, Olivia’s two sisters and their partners came out to the farm to help out. We decided of all the families, the Gowans have contributed the most so far!

Planting radicchio! Photo: Sarah
Tomato art Photo: Sarah
Olivia and her two sisters Alicia and Tara, along with their partners
We did a cucumber taste test. I think most people liked Katrina and Unagi the best.
Lots of orange on the bins, paperpot transplanter, cart, and even an ugly orange on the front of the barn Photo: Eli
Photo: Karina

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