This is the time when it feels like food is gushing out of the fields. The loads going into the Warehouse Market are getting fuller and heavier. Good thing the price of gas went down. Good thing the intense heat of the last three weeks has broken. Good thing we got some rain (3cm)!! It is also a time when you hear the crickets. I just learned that the sound crickets make is called stridulation. This sound is connected to the ambient temperature, so if the tempo of the crickets’ sound gets faster, the temperature is higher.

Warehouse Market during a quiet time
Eli trellising tomatoes
Eli planted sunflowers in front of the ugly container. They are just starting to bloom.
Capitu trellising the new cucumbers
The peppermint crop is amazing. Have you tried it yet?
Our beautiful community hall is going solar! Here are the racks that were installed to hold the panels.
Jen is the best! She helps on the farm when she can, and before she leaves, we stuff her car full of produce to take back to the Market. Thanks so much Jen!!
On Monday night we got 1cm of rain, and on Tuesday we got another 2cm. We hope everyone gets enough rain.
The irrigation pond is getting low, but you can see the raindrops on the surface
Beds of brassicas, leeks, and onions with cover crops in between, leading to the Cogmagun River and sunset beyond.

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