There are sunflowers blooming everywhere. There is a mystery sunflower planter, or planters, bringing joy to each field, colour to the landscape, and beauty in general. Thank you, or thank yous for your brightening spirit. On the farm we can get so focused on meeting planting and harvesting deadlines that we miss the beauty and wonder of what is happening before us!

This Saturday, the Warehouse Market team is taking a well-deserved break in Cape Breton. The farm team has agreed to run the Market in their place. This will be a great opportunity for Market customers and farm share members to meet the people growing the food! Please be patient with us, as we will not be as competent as the Market team. But we will be able to answer all your questions about the farm and how the vegetables are produced.

The sunflower mystery continues Photo: Kara
David has had bad luck with his elbows this year. First he broke his left elbow in January. Then he got bursitis on his right elbow in August. It doesn’t prevent him from harvesting arugula though!
Fresh herbs on our checkout counter They are part of the farm share, and they make tasty additions to meals, or a nice cup of tea.
Team effort to take a tarp off a block of beds to prepare it for planting Photo: Eli
The battle between a shield bug and a Colorado potato beetle larva Photo:Eli
Ripe tomatoes Photo: Karina
Carrot love Photo: Kara
Thanks to everyone who donated tennis balls to keep us safe as we work with the peppers! We are still accepting donations 🙂
Jen and David bringing in the basil and parsley harvest Photo: Kara

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