I think everyone on the farm has been woken up by the coyotes howling at night. It is an eerie sound that reminds us we are farming in a pretty wild place.

The Warehouse Market team got a well-deserved break last Saturday. Big Spruce Beer offered to host them for a Cape Breton getaway! A few of us from the farm team got up early to head to North-End Halifax to take care of the Market for that day. We loved it! Customers were kind and patient with us, we met beloved long-time customers, and new people who were there for the first time. We developed an enhanced appreciation for what the Market team does.

In other news, two members of our team, Johanna and Capitu will be leaving us at the end of this week to go back to school. We are SO SAD to see them go! Johanna is exceptionally strong, smart, strategic, and a joy to be around. Capitu has been such a bright light on the farm team! She joined this spring with no experience, and now she is a confident and strong farm worker. Her nickname is Happytu because she is so radiant with big smiles and kind words. We gratefully hired two new people, Maddie and Andrew. I’m sure they will be contributing new ideas and energy at a very critical time of the season. They will both be working at the farm and at the Market. Please give them a warm welcome.

A very serious-looking amphibian in the tomato greenhouse Photo: Kara
Our old carts are falling apart. Time to put together some new ones. Capitu and Karina got the job done in no time.
Maddie and Olivia figuring things out at Market
Monarch on tomato plant Photo: Kara
Jack and Nick at Market
Hot peppers
Karina and Capitu can’t stop putting carts together. This one was a return that had a dent in it.
Welcome to Team AA Maddie!
Karina LOVED being at Market on Saturday. She is great at giving cooking advice

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