After a full day of harvest and field work, the farm team put on some music, turned it up, and started stacking wood in a line. It’s a job that has to get done and everyone is tired. But if it isn’t done, the wood pile gets rained on and the wood isn’t as good for heating. Most of the farm crew lives on the farm, so they benefit from dry wood, stacked in the woodshed. I’m glad they found a fun way to work on this job.

This week has been full of learning and visitors! Last night, Carmen arrived from Georgia. We are very excited to host her, because she is an entomologist. I’m sure we’ll learn lots about the insects on the farm while she’s here. She heard David on a podcast, where he talked about ‘radical delegation’. She was intrigued and got in touch. We also had a visit from three members of the Perennia team (how thrilling!). Rosalie, Talia, and Tim spent the afternoon here answering our endless questions. We talked about a problems with our irrigation regime, our fertility, and our ginger crop. We geeked out about crop rotation and other things we want to try. It was Tim’s first day on the job as Perennia’s new vegetable specialist. We are really looking forward to having them back so that all members of the farm team can take part in the learning opportunities they offer. David and I were over the moon happy because we have spent most of our energy over the last 10 years getting the farm set up, market set up, and team hired. Now we can focus more on dialling in on the farm ecosystem.

We hired two new people to join Team AA: Andrew and Maddie. They will be working on both the farm and at the Market. Please give them a warm welcome as they settle in to the work.

Rosalie, David, Eli, Talia, and Tim checking out the onion crop in Fox field.
Maddie harvesting and stacking tomatoes.
Andrew harvesting peppers
After getting to the farm at 9:30pm, Carmen (in the photo with her dog Rosie) was keen to be part of the morning farm meeting early the next morning. Then she went to help with tomato harvest.
Eli asking Talia irrigation questions.
This is an end of the day photo of the farm team (Karina was missing) on Capitu’s last day.
Tomato leaf mold
Talia checking out a tomato leaf with her hand lens
Onions drying
Ben, Colleen, and Rachel harvesting beets
Olivia harvesting through the tomato pepper jungle

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